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While training as a naturopath I became aware of the wonderful and life-enhancing interaction of body, soul and spirit. Something that I use in therapeutic work and view as al valuable resource.
I am fascinated by how much creativity and energy may unfold in people’s lives when working together.

Valuable abilities that may have “dormant” and undetected so far will manifest while seeking solutions, answers or new ways of life. I count it a privilege to support my clients connecting to their own capacities and vitality.

My communication is relationship-oriented on the ethical basics and with the concepts of the transactional analysis. As a certified ROMPC® Therapist, I can provide effective support when it is necessary to deal with stressful or traumatic situations of the present and the past in order regain capacity to act.

Ear acupuncture as well as craniosacral therapy provide an effective and holistic support in physical, psychological and mental healing processes.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.

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