FAQ’s concerning consultation

What may be the content of a consultation?

Anything that may concern you: biographical, repetitive questions or specific topics from everyday life, relationships and profession.

What may I expect from it?

  • Experiencing a supportive companion throughout a challenging phase of life
  • Finding answers to basic questions of meaning and life
  • Being supported in decision-making processes.

Is the result of a consultation necessarily goal-oriented?

Yes, it may be, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be goal-oriented.
There might be times of feeling or being unwell, disorientation or confusion. A consultation may be used to determine the why’s and what’s …

Do we have to deal with the past?

Sometimes it is necessary to look back in order to understand today’s problems. However, it is always important to keep an eye on the present developing strategy’s for solutions and improvements in the future.

How often and regularly do I need to consider a consultation?

This question cannot be answered generally. I will give you suggestions matching your concern and you make your choice. We will both work out and agree on the number and regularity of dates.

What not to expect?

  • theoretical discussions, terminology or abstract phrasing.
  • Parental advice like “do this” “do that”,
  • A silent listener to your monologues, who understands and says yes to everything.

Judith Vogler

Phone: 069 / 133 989 53
E-Mail: judith@dreikoenig19.de
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