Consulting – Coaching – Counselling

Counselling / coaching helps to expand your own and possibly limited room for maneuver. In addition to clarification and decision-making, it also provides for personal growth and finding identity.

Consulting / Coaching takes place in a limited time frame.

You might want to consider counselling or coaching if

  • you want to understand yourself better
  • you want to perceive and develop your own self-confidence
  • you cannot cope alone with questions and problems
  • you want to do something against your fears
  • your relationship with friends and close people is no longer right


Consulting – coaching - counselling frankfurt
In counselling or coaching sessions, we mainly deal with the current issues in the “here and now”. For instance a question / situation / situation described is viewed together with the aim of finding solutions and alternative courses of action.

My focus is to support my clients in discovering their own resources and competence and accompany them in their search for individually appropriate solutions.

Methods from the Transaction Analysis and ROMPC® are used.

For more information check therapy-counselling-coaching or FAQ’s or please contact me.

Judith Vogler

Phone: 069 / 133 989 53
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