Therapy – Coaching – Counselling

As a naturopath I would like to accompany you holistically in your physical and mental healing processes.

“Therapy” is an ancient Greek term, including the meaning “companionship”.

In the German languange “therapy” is referred to as any kind of treatment of disease for example by the regulation of drugs, surgery, physiotherapy or psychotherapy.
From my perspective a coaching or counselling process may be just as successful in bringing physical and mental release and relief.

In addition to the “treatment” of physical symptoms, a coaching/counselling/therapy can support you.
For instance, if certain own behavior patterns restrict and hinder you or when you realize that problems no longer seem solvable or if you want to deal intensively with yourself and your life story.

From my experience, the most common occasions for a coaching/counselling/therapy are:

  • life crisis
  • ever repeating mood swings
  • if you feel for instance despondent, disoriented, restless, sleepless, helpless
  • decisions difficulties
  • long-lasting mourning processes
  • interpersonal conflicts, bullying
  • Fears such as test anxiety, fear of flying, panic attacks
  • coping with stress
  • psychosomatic symptoms and disorders


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A part of a holistic therapy, I work with methods of ROMPC® and Transactional Analysis.

Depending on the issues I might suggest to you additional treatments like for instance ear acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, natural hormone replacement therapy.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.

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Judith Vogler

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